Janurary 24th, 2010 - Andy McGinn, Springfield News Sun

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April 3rd, 2010 - Jim Orrill, Associated Content

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Devium knows two things in this world; the meaning of their music and their people. If metal is your passion, your lifeblood, your heart-pounding, soul-moving reason for existing, Devium knows you.

Since forming in 2005, the metal quintet hailing from home-spun Springfield, Ohio has fought hard to fill a void in the hearts and minds of metal heads everywhere. In the West-Central Ohio town called home by predeceasing metal bands such as Shovelhead, the Midwestern metal heads were aching for the return of their metal roots, as deep seeded in the Midwest as self reliance and character grit. Horn-throwers demanded something new and Devium answered the call; hardcore metal with a conscious.

Devium's unique sound and message were finalized along with the lineup in October 2007. Their brand of metal infuses elements of hardcore and hard rock. Drawing upon influences from Alice in Chains to DevilDriver, their sound is comprised of hard and heavy metal injected riffs wrapped in inspired melody. The versatile front man Chad Cochran can growl when things get heavy for one song and create a memorable melody for the masses with the next, from hardcore growling to rock n' roll leads.

Devium isn't yesterday's metal. This band prides itself on making music for metal heads and the masses alike, delving into the dark corners of human mind and its inner workings. Devium takes an in-depth look at the human experience on this earth and poses lyrical questions to metal heads around the globe. Their lyrics, --laden with the deep-rooted Midwestern culture that keeps these five rocking out night after night- revolve around strength, self-reliance, the inescapable need for redemption, and action of all who listen.

Despite the stoicism that comes with being a hardcore metal band, sometimes it's just hard not to grin when things are looking up. As mentioned in the Springfield News-Sun, "It's hard these days for the men of Devium not to smile - the band will release its first single next month, followed by a six-song EP in April and a full-length album by year's end. All will be distributed by the Universal Music Group."

Hard work creates opportunity, even in the metal world. In March of 2009 Devium caught the ear of Primoris Music Group of Atlanta, GA. Their first world-wide release is on March 30th, 2010. Their music can be found on all major mp3 carriers.

A peek into Devium's musical portfolio will widen the eyes of any metal head. Devium has shared the stage with such notable acts as : Devildriver, Hatebreed, God Forbid, 36 Crazyfists, Straight Line Stitch, Dirge Within, Threat Signal, Kittie, Baptized in Blood, Cancer Bats, Ventana, Pyschostick, Stemm, Gwen Stacy, Filter, Bobaflex, Otep, Mobile Death Camp, Hed (PE), and Flaw.

Inside and out, Devium has rocked out and torn the proverbial roof off such notable and historical metal venues as the Al Rosa Villa, McGuffy's House of Rock, and Cardo's; while also hitting the road and delivering gut-punching shows at legendary metal festivals such as Woodshock and Rock The Farm.

Burning within each member of Devium is a passion, determination and a genuine love and respect for each and every one their fans. The devotion Devium has to its metal message and people drives the hard work ethic instilled by a Midwestern upbringing and a metal way of life. Devium is rocking its way to the nation metal echelon, one show at a time. Are they local boys who made good? Maybe, but it's always been bigger than that. Are they a glimpse into the future of the world-wide metal scene? Absolutely.

Bio written by: Melanie Baker
Freelance writer
Columbus, Ohio


Self titled EP

1. My Retribution (3:29)

2. Blasphemer's Fame (3:50)

3. War Within (3:50)

4. Buried Alive (3:41)

5. Plague: Humanity (3:31)

6. Fidelity (3:52)

Release Date: March 30th, 2010